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Benefits of Wellbeing Initiatives at Work

Why provide wellbeing initiatives at work?

At Personal Touch Fitness we understand that employee wellbeing is sometimes not regarded as a core part of the business. Wellbeing is thinking about all dimensions of wellness, including; physical, emotional, nutritional, occupational and spiritual factors.

However, our belief is that the return on investment to help your employees choose a healthier and fitter lifestyle will far outweigh any initial outlay.

Our philosophy is to Attract, Inspire and Retain your employees. Our employees inject fun, drive and passion to bring health and fitness to life.

The tangible benefits include:

  • Employee attraction/retention
  • Value employees and project an improved public image
  • Reduce long and short term sickness rates
  • Increase focus, productivity and morale
  • Start or improve the cohesion of your employee wellbeing strategy
  • Provide a workplace for your employees to enjoy

Have you thought about developing an employee health and wellness program?

Whatever your vision of the ideal health and wellness program for your company, qualified and experienced Personal Touch Fitness staff will deliver it.

We can provide ongoing initiatives to demonstrate how your employee health improves with the right interventions.

Many wellness programs can be administered remotely or by agreed periodic visits to your employees. A meeting room, a space in the restaurant or even a breakout area can be utilised to transform the health and wellness of your staff.

Whether you require one or more services, we will bespoke your needs to make your vision a reality.

Are you a provider of a range of fitness services?

Whatever your requirements, Personal Touch Fitness are a health, fitness and wellbeing provider who will partner and integrate seamlessly with your company. All our services are tailored to you to maximise results.

We provide the following services:

  • Design, create, manage and operate company gyms
  • Provider of health, fitness, wellness advice, events and services
  • Source, install and maintain in-house gym equipment
  • Offer a comprehensive range of classes, therapies, treatments, surveys and wellbeing risk assessments

Whether you require one or more services, we will bespoke your needs to make your vision a reality.

Contact Personal Touch Fitness today to discuss how we can assist you to provide health and fitness within your company. Testimonials and reference contacts are provided where required.
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