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Planning Wellbeing in the Workplace

Personal Touch Fitness Provides a Range of Wellbeing Options to Any Number of Staff or Any Size Business

PTF are dedicated to sitting down with your wellbeing team, listening to your needs and requirements and creating a wellbeing plan for your organisation at no cost. A range of recommended service includes but is not limited to:

Onsite Fitness Classes – utilise office space or meeting rooms to provide regular fitness classes for your employees

Awareness Days – have specialists visit your office to conduct health awareness events or undertake blood pressure testing

Holistic Therapies – provide staff with the opportunity to relax and recharge onsite massage or a beauty treatment

Key facts on the benefits of Corporate Fitness

Evidence suggests a healthy workforce is a more efficient workforce. Alongside this the financial benefits can be dramatic.

£9m – annual bill facing employers for sick pay and associated costs 1

£600 – average annual cost of employee absence across organisations 2

140m – working days lost annually due to sickness absenteeism 3

300,000 – number of employees falling out of employment and into state related health benefits each year 4

1/6 – workers in England and Wales affected each year by anxiety, depression and low Mental Wellbeing 5

Health, Wellbeing & Employee Engagement Site Audit

Is your organisation doing all it can to enhance the Wellbeing of your workforce?

PTF can assess and establish the needs of your organisation to enhance their interest, need or attitude towards health and wellbeing. PTF will provide an unbiased view and potential options to engage employees to improve their wellbeing in the workplace. Our recommendations are likely to be a combination of ideas that can be funded by the company, subsidised or even paid entirely by the employees themselves.

PTF will look at factors we consider vital to explore employee engagement opportunities and create a healthier, energised and happier workplace. Within 7 days PTF will prepare a proposal advising on what changes can easily be made, taking into account your organisational needs, budgets and requirements.

This service is ideal for both companies looking to improve employee wellbeing or who would like to re-evaluate the effectiveness of existing wellbeing programmes. Working in partnership with you. PTF can demonstrate how small changes can have a positive impact within your organisation.

Employee Engagement Survey

Discovering how your workforce feels and how their workplace could be improved is a huge step towards improving wellbeing
Investing in your workforces’ wellbeing is a great way to have positive affects in productivity and to aid reduction in absenteeism. When was the last time that your workforce was surveyed to see how they feel, highlight what you do well for them or identify areas you could improve?

Personal Touch Fitness can work with your wellbeing team to devise surveys and questionnaires to target your workforce to find out where to invest your money on wellbeing.

Alongside facilitating a survey, PTF will correlate results for you and present them in an easy to read way, alongside clear recommendations on what you can do going forward to help meet the demands of your employees.

Personal Touch Fitness provides a range of wellbeing options.

If you would like PTF to come and discuss with your wellbeing team how to take forward setting up an engagement survey, please contact us today.
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