Dress Code & Personal Appearance

All permanent and temporary staff are required to meet the below criteria at all times when representing Personal Touch Fitness


1. Uniform is provided to permanant staff and kept on site for temporary staff to use.

2. Uniform should be worn at all times whilst on-site, with the exception of when arriving or leaving work and for teaching classes.

3. It is the responsibility of permanent employees to look after their uniform and keep it both clean and presentable. Damage should be reported to line manager for replacement.

4. Uniform for temporary staff is the responsibility of the Fitness Manager on site, although if covering several days and agreed, uniform can be taken away to be cleaned.

5. Coloured tops should not be worn underneath uniform and long sleeves should not be visible when wearing T-shirts

Name Badges

1. These form part of uniform for permanant employees of Personal Touch Fitness and should be worn at all times.

2. If a team member does not have their name badge on, they will be fined £1 (which is donated to charity).

3. If a name badge is lost it will be charged out of an employees salary at £5.

Personal Appearance

1. Personal Touch Fitness operates within corporate offices and therefore employees are expected to appear professional at all times.

2. Employees may be asked to remove certain piercings, cover tattoos that may be deemed offensive, have a certain length of facial hair growth or tone down unnatural hair colourings where this would not be in accordance with the best practices and business culture of the client.