Personal Touch Fitness have completed setting-up and launch of a workplace gym for a new client in London. The project successfully went from plan to launch in about a month. The client now has a fantastic employee fitness centre. With a floor space of approximately 80 metres squared, employees can use a range of cardiovascular and strength kit. There is space to cater for stretching, abs exercise on a Swiss ball or foam rollers or even jump on the spin bike with virtual training.

As a result, the launch day was extremely well received with employees inducted. PTF checked medical histories, took vital health measures and offered training or advice for using the workplace gym. A reassuring seamless process for the client having provided health and safety checks and insurance for inducted employees. All equipment servicing and maintenance will be managed by PTF too giving confidence to the client and users alike.

PTF received amazing feedback during the launch, with the company’s employees impressed with the efficient and comprehensive inductions all tailored to the individuals needs.

“a big thanks to you and your team for taking the time and putting in the effort you did”

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No space for a gym? Don’t despair, PTF can improve your employees physical wellbeing or mental health.

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