8 – 15 December 2018, Brno, Czech Republic

Trainers – Jana Stara, Bara Rodi & Carmine Rodi Falanga


Jana founded an NGO, Dobroti, which organises educational seminars and public wellness-oriented events for the local community. Another of their man activities is organising training courses for European youth workers under the Erasmus+ program. One of their pilot trainings was ‘Games of Wellness’ which combined the wellness ideas and strategies with gamification as principle that makes wellness more engaging and fun than necessary daily routine. We explored the concept of “wellness” as a state of complete physical, mental, social & spiritual wellbeing and introduced practical & fun tools, games, strategies to promote holistic health and personal development. This was the 3rd editions of the training programme in the Czech Republic (December 2016 & July 2017) and the team are currently working on other editions for Scotland, Romania and Iran.

Training Programme

Delegates from 10 different countries participated and the 8 days involved games, storytelling, Wellness Wheel, learning, sharing, laughing, teamwork, spa time and vegetarian dining. All in the name of Wellness.

Each day had a set plan but as the week went by it could be tailored to the participants needs.

We had an early Morning Wake up session each day – yoga, massage, run, walk, HIIT, Tabata, mediation, dance – followed by breakfast and networking before the morning sessions Share & Care (cleaning spaces, media, group work, time to self) and Wellness Walk, Games, Energizers and group work.

After lunch and networking the afternoon programme varied each day – Games Gratification, Wellness Wheel, Lecture by Michael George, Roma Museum visit, Wellness in Communities and presentations by participants.

Before dinner and networking we had space for a reflection on the day – how are you feeling? what do you need? – with open discussion.

All participants went away to continue of their Wellness journey incorporating Wellness Wheel, Games Gratification, Storytelling and personal growth into their work, life and communities.

Participant feedback

Before the course I believed that Wellness was how you feel in each moment and you cannot change it, but now I think that Wellness is your own lifestyle and you can design it and transform it according to your preferences. Furthermore, now I have the idea of what Wellness consists of, I have more knowledge of this area and now I have the power to enhance my capacity of self-realization.

Moreover, I’m a little more patient and confident, because I have learnt that small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results and everything works better when you let things flow.