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Contact us to book in. The Fitness Centre is located on B1 and is accessed either via the lifts or the staircase from reception. Alternatively, call 0203 124 6422 or email to book an appointment.

Osteopathy is a dreadful name: what we do is manual therapy. We provide hands-on physical medicine that is safe and effective for musculo-skeletal problems including necks and shoulders, hips, backs, knees and trapped nerves. Basically we treat pain and/or dysfunction.


Osteopaths train for five years and the profession is legally regulated by the General Osteopathic Council. We are recognized by GPs and insurance companies. We are trained to understand and treat both pathologies (illnesses and acute and chronic conditions) and maintenance issues.

What happens

First of all we talk to you to find out more about you and what hurts; then we explain what we do; then we use our hands and sometimes acupuncture to make muscles relax and joints work better. We use massage, movement and relaxation techniques. Generally we treat through ordinary clothing and do not ask patients to undress.

The result

At the end of treatment – about 45 minutes – we hope to offer a diagnosis (an explanation of what has gone wrong) and what may prevent recurrence. We advise whether further treatment may be needed and if appropriate we can make consultant referrals. We aim to make treatment both effective but also comfortable: you should feel better when you leave.

Devonshire Osteopaths

Devonshire Osteopaths is a practice that has been established in the City for twenty years, serving both the working and residential populations. For fifteen years we have also provided a free clinic for the elderly at Toynbee Hall, the well-known local community centre.

Who we are

Osteopath Peter Beaumont was formerly a lawyer and then started an environmental charity working on pesticides. His colleague Ben Cohen runs two clinics in north-east London and Essex. Both have a wide experience of occupational health and sports injuries and other acute and chronic conditions.

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