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Veronica Lim – Registered Nutritional Therapist

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Veronica is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, with a First Class Honours degree and a Clinical Diploma with Distinction in Nutritional Therapy.

She is also the UK’s first Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, with over 20 years’ coaching experience. She wants to show you how to use the right food, nutrition and lifestyle changes to be vibrant, full of energy, and feeling good in your body again, so you can confidently show up as the best version of yourself every day.

Before embarking on over 5 years of training in Nutritional Therapy, Veronica worked within investment banking for well over a decade and then as an Executive Coach, so she understands the challenges of a stressful corporate environment and the importance of being your best – not just at work but also at home. As Veronica says “I know what it’s like to not feel like yourself. You know that something’s not right, and that things are not working as they should be, but you don’t know what or if anything can be done about it.”

Veronica’s nutritional therapy helps you to take charge of your health and feel good in your body again

Nutritional therapy is safe and effective, using an evidence-based approach to look for the root cause of health issues, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Working with Veronica involves a full detailed assessment of what may be impacting on your health. Looking at your symptoms, diet, hormones, medical history, family history, stress and lifestyle factors, to build a detailed picture.

There isn’t just one factor that contributes to poor health. The body isn’t linear. Instead, it’s an inter-related and complex system, where each system affects every other system.

And because of the inter-connected nature of our body systems, there usually isn’t just one trigger or underlying root cause, but a number or a series of triggers that cause imbalances in the body’s biochemistry, and the subsequent symptoms that you may experience.

Hence, Veronica’s work involves identifying the relationships between these imbalances and what changes and support your body needs in order to redress those imbalances.

Change takes time and commitment. Based on her clinical experience, the clients who commit to working with Veronica for at least 3 months get the best results. A package structure provides this framework for this.

Initial Consultations

These 30 minute appointments offer nutrition advice but also incorporates helping each person with practical strategies to get the results they’re looking for.

Specialist 3 Month Packages Available

The package includes:

  • A tailored comprehensive intake form
  • One initial 90-minute consultation
  • Two 45-minute follow up sessions
  • Exclusive access to a private client portal for your written personalised Action Plans and Supplement Programmes and any other supporting material
  • Private and secure chat access to Veronica for quick questions in between sessions
  • A 10% discount on professional grade supplements via The Natural Dispensary

The package includes time dedicated to you outside of your consultations; researching your case history, interpreting tests, writing up your reports and, if needed, writing to your GP for any recommended blood tests.

Please note that any recommended laboratory tests or nutritional supplements are not included in the consultations and must be paid for separately. The tests and supplements recommended are optional and will be discussed during our consultation.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for and you’d like to invest in your health, first schedule an initial appointment. This isn’t a sales pitch, but a session for both Veronica and you to see if it is the right fit for working with one another.

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