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Muscular Strength

What is muscular strength?

Muscular strength is the ability to exert force against a resistance enabling you and I to push, move or lift objects. Greater muscular strength means we can lift, push or pull more.

Why do you need muscular strength?

Strength is not purely for athletes, but for everyone. Strength makes performing daily tasks possible. Even standing up requires muscular strength.

Benefit to strength training

  •  Improves quality of life with day to day tasks becoming easier
  •  Less stress on joints
  •  Stronger connective tissue
  •  Improved posture
  •  Decreased risk of obesity
  •  Better body composition – more muscle mass and less fat
  •  Increase bone density which naturally diminishes as you age – reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  •  Preventing injury
  •  Improved sporting performance

How to build muscular strength?

  1. Workout–if you want to strengthen a particular muscle, you must train it using some form of resistance. Full body strength can improve with a specialist programme designed to focus on all muscle groups. Whilst traditionally 1-4 repetitions are used to train for strength, any progressive resistance programme will lead to strength gains.
  2. Eat–to build muscle we must fuel them. Ensure you eat a healthy diet and cut out unnecessary fats. Protein is key. Ensure you eat at least 1g of protein per kg of bodyweight each day. A good mix of fruit and vegetables helps to support a healthy diet.
  3. Rest–it is vital to take time out to allow the body to heal and grow. Avoid training the same muscles on consecutive days. To prevent overtraining, allow one day off a week.

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