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Hidden Calories in Drinks

How Far Would You Need to Walk to Burn Off Your Favourite Drink?

What you drink contributes to your health and wellbeing goals. Without knowing it you may be consuming a number of hidden calories that are adding to your total intake. If you think that two cans of Coke a day would require nearly 4 miles of walking to work off, you can see how small changes can make a huge difference to your diet.

Coca Cola (330ml can) – 142 calories = 1.8 miles

Pint of Lager – 180 calories = 2.2 miles

Large glass of white wine – 150 calories = 1.9 miles

250ml Pimms & Lemonade – 161 calories = 2 miles

Starbucks Grande Latte with whole milk – 223 calories = 2.8 miles

300ml Vita Coconut Water – 59 calories = 0.7 miles

Water – 0 calories = 0 miles

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