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Healthy Eating: Fruit

Fruit Provides a Great Source of Nutrients Including Fibre, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals

espite the above, for those with diabetes or high cholesterol and individuals who are overweight, excessive fruit consumption could be causing problems. Even for those who are a healthy weight and can have the extra healthy calories, other negatives do exist.

Common problems associated with eating fruit:

  1. Fruit, like any other food contains calories. Consuming excess amounts of fruit will add to the number of calories consumed and lead to weight gain
  2. Fructose in fruit means that it is not likely to make you feel full. This in turn can cause us to eat more of it, which again means putting on more weight
  3. Excessive fructose may also lead to increased triglycerides. This form of blood fat can cause heart disease and is also problematic in that it raisesĀ blood glucose
  4. Our teeth are at risk when eating fruit. Sugar released in the mouth eats away at teeth, citric fruits are acidic which wears away enamel and dried or sticky fruits like raisins may stick to the teeth causing cavities and other problems to form.

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