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Free Superfood

Spoiler Alert – Blackberries

How much are you paying for superfoods in the supermarket? Avocados are £1 or more each. Nuts and berries can be anything between £5 and £20 per kg.

So would you like a free superfood. One that is packed with Vitamin C and fibre?

It is blackberry season during August and September. Go for a walk and you will likely find wild blackberry bushes growing in all sorts of places. Under bridges, in parks or just next to the pavement. Don’t ignore these wonderful, edible berries – pick them. Even combine it with some exercise by getting those steps in and involve the kids for a little extra family time.

Add them to cereal in the morning, make smoothies, mix with other fruit or nuts or add extra taste in your yogurt…the list of uses is virtually endless.

Blackberries get their bold colour from powerful anthocyanins, which are responsible for healthy memory function, anti-aging and reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. They contain half your daily intake of vitamin C, which combats heart disease, strengthens the immune system and keeps your skin bright and healthy. These berries contain six percent fibre and a portion could easily provide half of your daily fibre intake to aid optimal digestion. But the greatest benefit of adding blackberries to your diet? They are rich in phenolic acids –antioxidant compounds notorious for their powerful anti-carcinogenic effects.

Go on stop making excuses. Get outside – increase you intake of Vitamin D in the summer sun and improve your mental wellbeing and nutrition. You will feel better for it!

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