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Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Can Stop the Achievement of Your Fitness Goals

Not only does it have a profound affect on your ability to perform on the day after, but also alcohol has a high number of calories per gram.

As with our entire diet, enjoy alcohol in moderation. Looking through the press and alarming statistics show the risk of binge drinking. In 2010/11, the NHS reported 198,900 admissions where the primary diagnosis was attributable to the consumption of alcohol. An increase over the previous year and a 40% increase since 2002/03 when there were around 142,000 such admissions.

So, to be healthy how much can you drink?

The NHS recommends men should consume no more than 3-4 units per day with a maximum of 21 in a week.

Women can have 2-3 units per day with no more than 14 per week.

This is guidance to avoid any significant health risk. A unit corresponds to half a pint of beer, a small glass of wine or a single 25ml measure of a spirit.

What are the health risks of alcohol?

With the exception of a sore head, the effects of alcohol are often long term:

  • Liver damage
  • Reduced fertility
  • High blood pressure and risk of heart attack
  • Increased risk of various cancers

Alcohol Consumption – Reducing Your Intake

Tips for anywhere:

  • Track your drinking with an iPhone app or log it yourself
  • Gradually cut down as opposed to doing in one go
  • Ask for support by telling others you are cutting down

Tip for the home:

  • Know what you are buying by checking the % ABV on wine or beer that your purchase – buy lower alcohol content wines. The added benefit is a 10% alcohol content wine has 1/3 less calories than 15% level
  • Buy smaller wine glasses
  • Buy a measure for home if making spirit mixers
  • Drink alcohol only with your dinner to reduce overall intake

Tips for when out:

  • Beware of rounds with friends and having more than you want
  • Have a soft drink or water between alcoholic drinks to slow down your drinking
  • A meal before going out and snacking between drinks will better help you absorb alcohol
  • Think small – bottles of beer are better than pints. Order single measures

If you are concerned with your health, remember it is important to Know Your Numbers

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