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Walk to a Fitter Healthier Life

Walking Improves Your Stamina, Burns Excess Calories & Strengthens Your Heart

An average person already walks 3,000 steps a day – the NHS recommend 10,000 steps. Simple changes can increase your steps (1,000 steps only takes 10 minutes to walk). The average person burns almost 500 calories in 10,000 steps and by making a few minor changes you can easily integrate walking into daily life.

How to start?

We recommend using a pair of comfortable trainers. Then using a tracking app or device, monitor your current number of daily steps. Start to build-up gradually. To get even more benefit, slowly increase the intensity at which you walk. The average person walks a mile in about 2,000 steps.

Top 10 walking tips to include in your daily routine

  1. Walk all or part of your journey to work
  2. Walk to the shops instead of driving
  3. Use stairs where possible as opposed to the lifts/escalators
  4. For short journeys don’t drive
  5. Walk the kids to school
  6. Have an evening stroll after dinner.
  7. Use walking to see sites or understand your local area
  8. Have a walking meeting with colleagues as opposed to sitting in the office
  9. Join a walking group to meet others who are motivated to increase their steps
  10. Set yourself realistic daily or weekly goals. Use a pedometer or smart phone app such as Moves to track your progress

Tracking your daily and weekly steps

With your smart phone, we recommend the Moves app to automatically track your walking, running and cycling activity. Moves is available for the iPhone (£1.49) and Android (free). Once downloaded, follow these set-up steps*:

  1. Under settings choose calories counted and edit your personal details to improve recording accuracy*
  2. Choose all notifications, units and tracking priority*. On your phone, ensure location services for the app are switched on, as it relies on GPRS tracking
  3. Leave it always switched on and as long as you take your phone with you, Moves records all your movements
  4. Optional: If you are doing an alternate activity, click on a place in your timeline and select the plus sign to add a custom activity*
  5. Optional: Go to www.moves-app.com to download your data to see if you are reaching your goals

Some functionality is not available on android

Smart phone alternatives?

Pedometers are a cheap option or alternatively go for a fitness wristband such as a Polar Loop or Fitbit. Ask the PTF team about prices and purchasing an alternative.

Bringing Health and Fitness to Life

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