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Goal Setting – The Golden Rules

Why Set Goals?

Goals are a fantastic way to set your own success levels and work towards achieving them. You can’t simply say “I want…” and expect it to happen!

To accomplish goals you need to know how to set them and then follow a process to ensure you achieve. Knowing what the steps are to formulate goals is the first step to setting an achievable goal.

Five Golden Rules of Goal Setting

1. Set goals that motivate you

Motivation is key. Set a goal that is important to you and there is value in achieving it. Goal achievement requires commitment so ensure you have a sense of urgency and devote the time required to achieve it. If not the likelihood is frustration that you haven’t achieved.

2. Set SMART goals


3. Write your goals down

This makes your goal real and tangible. Use the right, positive wording – i.e. you WILL do… – this gives more power to your goal leaving less room for excuses.

4. Make an action plan

Use to do lists and action plans avoid too much focus on the outcome. There will be steps you need to complete along the way to reach your overall goal.

5. Stick with it!

Commitment is needed. Build in reminders. Clearly define what you are doing and why to substantially increase your chances of success.

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