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Exercise of the Month – Swiss Ball Pushup

This modification of the traditional pushup, incorporating the swiss ball for variation is a great way to exercise the chest muscles, whilst at the same time training your core.

If you are a less experienced trainer you have the option of putting the swiss ball against a wall (or in the corner) to provide better stability. The exercise also becomes easier the wider apart your feet are placed. Why not start out with a wide foot position and gradually reduce this as the movement becomes easier.


1. Place a swiss ball (55cm if up to 5’10) and 65cm (if over) on the floor

2. Position your hands either side of the ball, palm facing downwards and feet shoulder width apart, in a pushup position with toes on the floor

3. As you breathe in, lower your chest down towards the swiss ball

4. At the bottom of the movement exhale as you press yourself upwards, returning to the start position once more

5. Perform the exercise to failure or for the desired number of repetitions

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