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Exercise of the Month – Swiss Ball Jackknife

This stability exercise will train your entire core, including your abdominal, lower-back and hip muscles.

Being an advanced exercise, it is recommended for more experienced trainers. If trying for the first time have a partner or exercise professional hold the swiss ball as you become familiar with the movement.


1.With shins over the top of a Swiss ball, assume a pushup position with your arms completely straight, forming a straight line from head down to ankles

2. Tense your stomach muscles (as though about to be hit in the stomach) and maintain this throughout the exercise

3. Whilst maintaining posture in your lower back, roll Swiss ball towards your chest by pulling forward with your feet

4. Have a brief pause before returning to the start position by lowering the hips and rolling the ball backwards

5. Repeat desired number of repetitions maintaining the correct form throughout

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