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Exercise of the Month – Squat

The squat is the second of the three main powerlifting exercises (alongside the deadlift and benchpress). This exercises is great for targeting the whole body, with a particular focus on the muscles of the lower body.

Anybody can perform this exercise and should be used for beginners all the way through to experienced lifters. It is recommended that when lifting heavy that either a squat rack is used or a trainer/training partner to spot you throughout the movement.


1. Using either a squat rack or having someone assist you in raising a barbell, place this on your shoulders, behind your neck

2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and ensure you have your feet, knees and hips all aligned and facing forward. You should begin the movement with a slight bend in the knees

3. Bend down through the knees and hips whilst maintaining a straight back, lowering to 45 degrees so your thighs are parallel with the floor

3. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, push-up with the legs and through the ball of your foot. Your feet should remain in constant contact with the floor and you should ensure that your hips and knees are constantly aligned, facing forward

4. At the top of the movement again do not fully extend the legs, ensuring a slight bend, before slowly lowering back down to the squat position

5. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions maintaining the correct form throughout

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