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Exercise of the Month – Spiderman Pressup

A variation of the classic pressup, whilst still working the muscles in the chest and arms, this also engages the core muscles throughout along with working the obliques. The other great advantage of this exercise is that it can be performed absolutely anywhere because there is no need for any equipment.

This exercise may not be ideal for beginners, but is something to progress towards. To increase the difficulty you can simply increase the number of repetitions you perform the movement for.


1. Adopt a pressup position; body in line with the floor, toes on the floor and legs extended, arms straight with palms downward.

2. As you perform a pressup and lower the chest towards the floor, bend the elbows outwards and whilst doing so, bring your right knee towards you right elbow.

3. When pushing back up to the start position, reverse the movement, bringing your leg back in line with your body until returning to the start position.

4. Perform the movement on the opposite side in the same way, by bringing the left knee up and in towards the left elbow whilst lowering the torso and chest before pressing up once more.

5. Repeat the exercise for the desired number of repetitions, maintaining a straight back at all times and engaging the core muscles throughout the movement.

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