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Exercise of the Month – Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

The single arm, bent over dumbbell row is a classic gym exercise targeting the muscles in the back. Secondary muscles worked during this movement are the shoulders and biceps, making it an excellent choice to include when training upper body.

This exercise can be performed by all levels, although for beginners it is recommended to start at a lighter weight and to progress. It is also advised that you look in a mirror to ensure body alignment and continual correct form.


1. Place knee and hand of supporting arm on a bench, with opposite leg slightly back and to the side of the bench. You can lower your torso by adjusting foot and hand position to allow for a heavier weight to be used

2. With a dumbbell in hand, palms facing inwards, pull your elbow up past your side until the weight touches your hip or elbow passes just beyond horizontal

3. Lower the weight down towards the floor with slight shoulder rotation, without allowing the torso to roll

4. Have a brief pause at the bottom of the movement before repeating the upward phase of the exercise

5. Repeat desired number of repetitions maintaining the correct form throughout

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