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Exercise of the Month – Lunge With Rotation

This exercise is a great way to train all the muscles of the lower body whilst engaging and training the core, with a specific focus on the obliques.


1. Grasp a medicine ball and extend arms away from the body

2. Take a large step forward and whilst keeping on the toes of the back foot, flex the front leg at the knee to lower towards the floor

3. When knee is at lowest point, maintaining a straight back, rotate to the same side as the resting leg and then return to the centre

4. Pushing up through the heel, smoothly return to your starting position before repeating on the opposite leg

5. Perform the exercise on alternative legs for the desired reps, engaging the core throughout and keeping the back straight and the body upright

Beginners may find it difficult to bring the knee close to the floor and this will improve with progression. Similarly you may start with the medicine ball closer to the chest before extending arms away from the body.

To increase difficulty a heavier load can be added.

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