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Exercise of the Month – Kettlebell Clean & Press

This exercise is great for working the whole body. In this version a kettlebell is being used, but a dumbbell could just as easily be adopted. This provides a workout for the muscles in the lower body, your shoulders and arms, whilst also engaging the core muscles throughout the whole movement.

This exercise can be performed by beginners up to advanced trainers. Ensure a suitable weight is selected and gradually build up either the resistance or the number of repetitions, once you become familiar with the movement.


1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and grasp the kettlebell in your hand and hanging towards the floor with palms facing the body.

2. Squat downwards, with the kettlebell coming all the way to the floor before pushing upwards through the heel.

3. As your body approaches upright, draw the kettlebell up your torso until chest height.

4. At this point rotate your hand so palm is facing outwards and the kettlebell is at shoulder level.

5. Push the kettlebell upwards over your head so that your arm is fully extended.

6. Reverse the movement, bringing the kettlebell back to head height before rotating the wrist and returning the weight down between your legs into the squat position.

7. Repeat for desired repetitions before switching sides.

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