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Exercise of the Month – Dumbbell Flys

The dumbbell fly is a great exercise for building muscle size and definition in the chest. Not only does this exercise work the pectoral muscles, but gives the shoulders, triceps and wrist flexors some attention.

This exercise can be performed by all levels, although for beginners it is recommended to start at a lighter weight and to progress. When lifting heavy you are advised to have a spotter hand the dumbbells to you and support the movement under the elbow where assistance is required.


1. Lay supine (on your back) on a bench with dumbbells in each hand

2. Extend the arms upwards so the dumbbells are directly above your chest with palms facing inwards towards each other and internally rotate the shoulders so your elbows are pointing out to the side

3. With the arms fixed in a slightly bent position, inhale as you lower the dumbbells towards the floor until the chest muscles are stretched

3. Once at the bottom of the movement, exhale as you bring the dumbbells back to the original start position as though doing a hugging movement

4. Repeat desired number of repetitions maintaining the correct form throughout

To add variety to this exercise, perform on an incline or decline bench. This targets different areas of the pectoral muscles

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