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Exercise of the Month – BOSU Squat with Press

Utilising a bosu ball, this exercise works the full body. The lower body is worked throughout the squat, with the added difficulty of maintaining balance. The core muscles are used to keep stable throughout the movement, whilst the upper body is engaged during the pressing motion.

For beginners the exercise can be completed on the floor, adding the bosu when you become more competent. To increase difficulty the weight of the medicine ball can be increased. Ensure you safely step onto and off the bosu when performing this exercise.


1. Set up a bosu ball in a good open space and get a medicine ball of suitable weight

2. Stand on the bosu ball with feet shoulder width apart and your knees and toes aligned, facing forward. Start with the medicine ball in both hand at chest height and close to the chest.

3. Keep your head up and looking forward as you slowly squat downwards, bringing your knees to 90 degrees with the floor.

4. At the bottom of the movement, slowly push up and when doing so push the medicine ball up above your head by extending the arms past your head.

5. As you lower the medicine ball, start to squat back down again, before repeating for the desired number of repetitions.

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