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Healthy Advice

The Benefits of Providing Corporate Fitness and Wellbeing

In today’s ultra competitive and value driven business environment, corporate wellness is no longer a luxury extra; it’s a necessity. Reduced Mental Wellbeing is the number one reason for absence from work; 80% of people feel stressed at work, and 40% say they need help in managing Mental Wellbeing*. It’s widely recognised that employees are at their most productive when they’re healthy, have low stress levels, and feel that their employers care about their well being. Providing an in-house corporate fitness package is one of the best ways in which your company can increase your employees’ overall well being.

Increasing Wellbeing

Dangerous stress levels, in conjunction with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, leads to illness such as back pain, depression, migraine and cardiovascular disease, which lose companies thousands of man hours every year.

Exercise is proven to be the most effective method of improving Mental Wellbeing, and helping to reduce the onset of stress-related illness. Holistic well being therapies such as reflexology and massage are also proven to elevate Mental Wellbeing, relieve pain (particularly back pain) increase well being, and even boost immunity, keeping your employees healthy, happy and balanced.

Providing corporate fitness and well being facilities is an investment in both your employees’ health, and your company’s future.

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Bringing Health and Fitness to Life

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