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Wearable Fitness Trackers

A Great Use of Technology to Ensure Employees are Staying Fit, Active and Healthy

Personal Touch Fitness can support your organisation to introduce wearable fitness trackers for employees.

What is a wearable fitness tracker?

What may look like a watch is capable of so much more. From tracking steps made in a day to sleep quality and calories burnt, a small device around your wrist can help shed light on how active or inactive you truly are.

How can trackers benefit your organisation?

The importance when introducing any wellbeing initiative into an organisation is to see a return on investment. Fitness trackers may have an initial cost, but the benefits can be huge:

  • Give staff a reality check. They make think they are moving a lot, but are they getting the recommended 10,000 steps a day?
  • Encourage staff to get up and move during the day, ensuring they are more productive and prevent absenteeism
  • Calorie tracking capabilities allows employees to understand what they are consuming in the day and make healthy changes for the better
  • Motivate staff to get fitter – wearing something on their wrist makes it highly visible and always in their mind
  • Create competition between employees. It is easy to set up step or calorie challenges using the technology provided

Personal Touch Fitness Wearable Fitness Trackers

Personal Touch Fitness can provide wearable fitness trackers to organisations at highly competitive prices, along with supporting your wellbeing programme to get the full benefits from them.

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