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Physical Wellbeing

A Member Journey for all Personal Touch Fitness Gym Members

Everyone who joins a Personal Touch Fitness corporate gym, joins a member journey that assesses their start point, agrees and works towards goals following motivational training and analyses success. The journey is an ongoing cycle; when a member achieves their goals they will set new goals and be supported to reach them. The journey is forever evolving making you healthier and fitter.

The Health & Wellbeing Wheel has been designed to capture all stages the member experiences from their first interaction with the Gym Team and throughout their membership.

1. Personal Assessment

Ascertain your fitness level and wellbeing focus areas with our trained PTF team by undergoing a simple biometric or body composition check or a full health and wellbeing assessment.

2. Goal Setting

Set your health, fitness and activity goals for the short or medium term. Goals are agreed and set with the trained PTF team which are achievable and measurable.

3. Personal Programme

Set a preferred programme to achieve a goal in the short-term. These one on one sessions with your Fitness Professional to prescribe exercise to enable achievement of short-term goals, taking into account what the member enjoys, their exercise history and any health concerns.

4. Ongoing Coaching

Receive training advice or personal training to achieve results. This ranges from gym floor member interaction to free or ongoing Personal Training. The Fitness teams are on hand to assist members with exercises or health related questions.

5. Motivation Session

Assess your measurements, goals and progress. At an agreed time the member will reconvene with their assigned PTF team member to retake biometrics and set new progressive goals; continuing their journey to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

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