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Workplace Mental Wellbeing

Figures from the HSE Show that in 2011/12 428,000 Cases of Reduced Mental Wellbeing Accounted for 40% of all Work-Related Illnesses

In fact, 1 in 5 GP visits is related to depression or anxiety. Whilst for some pressure at work becomes motivating, for others it becomes excessive, leading ultimately to absenteeism. The HSE describes stress as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other demands placed on them’.

Classic responses are smoking and drinking to much, contributary risk factors to heart disease and other health concerns.

Employee Engagement to improve workplace Mental Wellbeing

Evidence suggests that exercise reduces the chances of both depression and dementia by 30%.

With the Department of Health identifying a sedentary lifestyle as the ‘silent killer’, getting your workforce and employees active is the first step in helping to build resilience.

Personal Touch Fitness can help organisations achieve employee engagement by focusing on a range of stress relieving services:

  • Onsite Fitness Classes – make your workforce active and enjoy the benefits of exercise within the workplac.e Exercise is proven to help reduce stress
  • Lunch & Learn Seminars – PTF provides a range of seminars on healthy lifestyle, maintaining balanced diet and combating stress
  • Wellbeing Events – have employees blood pressure taken. A great indicator to understand the pressures placed on members of the workforce
  • Provision of Onsite Therapy – massage and a range of holistic treatments can help your staff unwind and relieve tension in the workplace

Find out how our stress relieving services can help you and your employess

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