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Mental Health

In the UK, there is an increasing spotlight on mental health.

More employees are diagnosed with mental health conditions leading to sickness absence or lost productivity. Stress, depression and anxiety conditions are all impacting employers. Absenteeism and presenteeism (attending work while ill) are both costing companies. So what can you do?

Workers spend a large proportion of time at work. What leads to life satisfaction? According to a recent British Household Panel Survey, mental health and quality of work produce the greatest correlation to mental wellness.

Personal Touch Fitness enable you to create a happy and engaging work environment. This leads to better psychological health and better relationships. Employers gain from higher productivity, better attendance, and higher retention. Lower recruitment saves time and money.

Engaged Employees

Higher Productivity

Better Attendance

Life Satisfaction

The right ethics, training and policies for your employees can enable you to create a positive workplace culture. Personal Touch Fitness specialise in employee engagement, motivation and awareness.

Our services build and support your employee’s mental wellness. We aim to communicate the causes of mental health conditions, provide the tools to promote healthy behaviours at work and offer wellness services to enhance employee happiness.

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