Work experience placement at PTF Willis – Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins joined PTF for a two-week work experience placement. He graduated from Brunel University with a first class (BSc) honours Sport Science degree this year and has taken the opportunity to learn more about the fitness industry first hand.

Tom interacted with members on the gym floor and delivered personal training sessions and programme reviews. During the two weeks, Tom managed to try out every single class on the studio timetable and help preparing and setting up for these. For a greater understanding of the operations of a fitness centre, Tom spent time with the reception and management team to complete essential functions and learn about end of month reporting.

Below is a testimonial from Tom about his experience with Personal Touch Fitness:

‘I just wanted to say thank you allowing me the opportunity to work for Personal Touch Fitness. I learnt vast amounts of information during my time. 

I also wanted to state how welcoming the team were during my time working for the company. They were all willing to take time to show/explain to me anything that I did not know and were all exceptionally friendly from my first day to the last’.