Ever used Nike + iPod? This is cheaper, better and gives a map of your route.

Ever gone for a run and wondered how far you have gone? Tried to keep a steady pace but not sure if you are on track? Want instant feedback about your run or other physical activity? Yes? Then RunKeeper is for you. Plus you can tell your friends and followers about your latest performance via Facebook and Twitter.

This app can be an exercise storing device or at the flick of a switch (or rather tap on the screen) it becomes a mobile GPS personal trainer

Navigation through RunKeeper is simple and quick. Through a manual entry input you store details of past workouts, easily accessible for quick comparison. Switching to the GPS input is where this app comes to life. Select your music, press start, begin running and you are off. A variety of audio cues are available to prompt and inspire you. You can set these to keep you on target pace or a series of intervals, making it great to satisfy all types of training goals. Whenever you want to know your current status, a simple touch of the screen will reduce the music volume and a voice lets you know information without taking your eyes off the road.

To sum up RunKeeper is easy to use, can sync with runkeeper.com and gives you all the data you would only get from a treadmill and more! It can be used for biking, hiking and other activities.

Runkeeper isn’t perfect. Run in a built-up area and your app is only as good as your phone signal. Not Runkeeper’s fault but it does mean you can suddenly change pace or run shorter distances. This should not discredit the simple functionality of an app which can feedback to the user efficiently, in the way they want and at a time when they would normally struggle to retrieve it.

A fantastic and fun way to improve your performance. Runkeeper is the best available outdoor fitness app now on the iPhone*.

by Adam Bright

* Available for other devices but not tested.