On an amazingly warm, sunny, October day, a team of eleven from Personal Touch Fitness embarked on the Tough Mudder challenge!

The new Tough Mudder city-based event was held at Clapham Common in South London. Waiting for the team were 5 kilometres worth of awesome obstacles along with a bunch of street food, craft beer and party vibes. Clapham Common has never seen anything like this before.

Obstacles included the Hero Carry, Giant-a-Hole, Skidmarked, Twinkle Toes, Devil’s Beard, Bale Bonds, Clean & Jerk, Hero Walls, Get Low, Hanging Out, Pyramid Scheme and Everest. As well as a few ad hoc ones we created on the way!

It turned out to be a great demonstration of camaraderie, challenge and determination. This took team building to the most epic level imaginable. All while providing great fun for all – the smiles and banter were incredible.

Congratulations to all who took part!