The NHS provides useful iPhone apps to help you with two common goals. If you want to quit smoking or lose weight, then tracking your progress has never been easier.

Smoking can lead to lung cancer and various other illnesses. Smoking directly causes over 100,000 deaths in the UK each year, whilst contributing to many more. The number of people below 70 who die from smoking is greater than those affected by breast cancer, traffic accidents, AIDs and drug addiction.

The NHS quit smoking app easily shows you how long since you last smoked and the money you have saved. It also includes a number of tips to keep you away from the cigarettes and facts about the impact of smoking as a reminder why you quit in the first place.

The NHS BMI Tracker is free tool to track progress and provide advice to help you achieve goals. Simply enter your age, weight and height to see your BMI. From here you can access advice based on being underweighthealthyoverweight or obese.

Whatever weight category you fall into, the app provides you with eating and general fitness advice. You can also get information on how this applies to children so can be used for the whole family. Being devised by the NHS the app will provide contact details in your area of where you can get further help and advice.

Another useful tool the app provides is a tracker of your weightloss. By regularly entering your new weight your BMI will be calculated and plotted in a graph, making it easy to see how your BMI has changed over time.