Have you moved enough today?

Fitness apps are a great way of tracking progress.

NHS guidelines indicate 10,000 steps a day improve your health. The average person does between 3-4,000. Most of us have little idea of how many steps we do. Moves provides a simple solution to this by tracking your steps throughout the day via your smartphone. Opening the app gives you the current days steps. Tapping the bubble will let you know distance traveled and time spent walking. Swipe across to see previous days and compare. Go for a run and Moves will give you the same feedback as above.

Driving and transport is also recorded. If measuring calories, the options menu lets you switch this on or share achievements via social networks. Moves is a simple to use, fun and efficient tool to track movement. Whilst one downside is that your movement is not recorded when out of range for an Internet signal, for everyday use this comes highly recommended.