Follow these simple tips to ensure you stay healthy and exercise at work.

Increase your physical activity – set a reminder on your calendar to get up from your desk at regular intervals to avoid being sedentary. Regular exercise at work will boost serotonin levels (happy hormone), meaning, as you get fitter you will have improved sleep, libido and overall wellbeing.

Walk more – target 10,000 steps a day to achieve significant health gains and burn excess calories. Try a smartphone app to measure if you are achieving this like Moves for the iphone

It is estimated a brisk 30 minute walk daily, can increase your life expectancy by 7 years.

Be aware of what you are eating – sedentary workers burn around 100 calories per hour compared to 350 calories for manual workers. Beware if you snack at your desk without increasing activity, you risk gaining weight.

Set time aside to exercise – if you are making a commitment to get fit, ensure you are planned. Be it on your break, before or after work or on the weekend, plan time to exercise and stick to it.

Set goals – knowing what you aim to achieve is vital. Set realistic and simple goals, achieve them and then move on to your next target.

Progression – don’t begin your journey expecting to run a marathon within weeks. Build up what you do and when it is getting easy, extend the duration or intensity.

Good luck on your journey.