International Yoga Day

Personal Touch Fitness is a supporter of International Yoga Day 2017. Most of our sites offer Yoga to employees and we advocate the benefits of practising once or twice per week.

Yoga is a fantastic all over body workout for everyone – whether you are new to it or not. The trained teacher will enable you to practise at your own pace and adapt moves to suit ability or to allow for existing injury.

Everyone can benefit from strengthening muscles and practising breathing techniques. Some of the lesser known benefits include

Improving your sleep
Building your mental resilience
Improving your posture – helping you stand tall
Make you feel more confident
It can be life-changing
So, anytime you want to recharge and recover, clear your mind, get lean, flexible, and strong, improve your balance, or get back in touch with yourself, all you have to do is reach for your mat, stretch, and breathe! Yoga can be done anywhere.

Personal Touch Fitness provides Yoga and other classes to a number of clients.