Executives who travel are seeking out hotels with fitness facilities according to a survey undertaken by Venues Event Management and reported in Air & Business News Travel. They found 73% of respondents believed it was ‘very’ important to exercise whilst away on business.

Personal Touch Fitness has long since recognised the importance of our clients’ employees not only exercising in the workplace but also advocating a fitness regime whilst away from the office.

We have developed an exercise routine that can be completed by all at home or whilst travelling. This mini wellness program has no need for a fitness facility. Just by using your bodyweight and a few props found in most rooms you can exercise all your major muscle groups. If you are in your hotel room you won’t even need fitness clothing or trainers.

There are many benefits to seeking out a proper fitness facility whether this is at work or whilst travelling. Many people enjoy the physical and mental break gained by escaping to the gym. At PTF, we believe you can keep fit and healthy by maintaining a regular exercise routine no matter where you are. Combine this with a healthy balanced diet and you should be on the way to a more energetic and fulfilling lifestyle.