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Hotel Wellness & SPA Conference September 18, 2019, PVA EXPO Prague – Letnany

Chris Andrews, PTF MD, was invited as a keynote speaker.

Topic: Wellness staff – how to get, develop and maintain wellness and your people – how to build a stable wellness team. Staffing each wellness centre is the alpha and omega of success. How to create a quality wellness team providing services with a smile? Where to find the right people, how to motivate them, educate them and how not to lose them.

Chris shared her wisdom and experience of her 20 years of working with people in the wellness field. Chris talked about the Investor in People framework that Personal Touch Fitness has used since 2007. Sharing values, strategy, how to get and keep employees engaged through to inductions and appraisals via learning and development.

The conference was devoted to the issue of wellness centres in hotel operations, the experience of operators from the Czech Republic and the rest of the world. The aim of the conference was to bring information about wellness & SPA, to introduce interesting personalities in this field and also provide a space for exchanging experiences among participants. There was a panel discussion with a questions and answer session. Jana Stara, Wellness Coach and lecturer at Masaryk University, was part of the panel and gave a 30 minute talk on wellness coaching.

The conference was aimed at wellness and SPA hotel managers, wellness workers and management representatives and other people interested in wellness & SPA with an emphasis on the hotel environment.

Chris ended her trip with the honour of being the guest speaker in two of Jana Stara’s Introductory Wellness Classes at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. Spreading the Wellness word further!

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