Stay Healthy This Christmas

Don’t compromise wellbeing during the party season & family meals

The average person gains 2kg (about 5lbs) during the 4 week festive period. If you are not wary, 6,000 calories can be consumed on Christmas day alone. Whilst many treats are high in saturated fat, salt and sugar, it is also a great time to eat healthy vegetables and seasonal fruits containing vitamins and minerals.

Follow these top tips to stay healthy:

1. Be aware of alcohol intake. Alcohol intake increases by 40% in December. Whilst beer contains over 200 calories a pint, a single spirit measure and diet soft drink is just 60 calories.

2. Healthy nibbles – pretzels and popcorn make healthier snacks than salted nuts and crisps.

3. Use leftovers wisely – make a healthy salad with leftover turkey for a healthy, high protein snack.

4. Have a few less potatoes and opt for more vegetables – sprouts are a great source of Vitamin C and provide us with fibre.

5. Prepare a healthy turkey – avoid adding salt and oils or butter when preparing your food. By pricking small holes, you will allow the fat to drain out.

6. Limit the cheese board – have smaller portions of stronger cheese, accompanied by oat biscuits, grapes and fruit chutney.

7. Make healthier home-made stuffing and cranberry sauce instead of buying from the supermarket. Use low-fat alternatives to cream and butter.

8. Eat as slowly as possible. Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. Chewing food slowly helps to break it down and ensure you get the full health benefits. You will also feel full before you eat too much!

9. Head out for a family walk– wrap-up warm and head out for a healthy post meal stroll.

10. You can be active at home – fun family games such as charades and Twister get you up from the chair and moving, whilst also being entertaining. Don’t eat whilst playing games or watching TV. Restrict eating to mealtimes.

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