How about this for Wednesday motivation?

Personal Touch Fitness are celebrating National Fitness Day as supported by UK Active. So why not find an activity, get some fresh air or just use the stairs instead of the lift. Getting more active, more often is about choices.

Are you just starting out? Just try walking.

Why Walk?

  1. An average person walks 3,000 steps per day – the NHS recommend 10,000
  2. Walking improves your stamina, burns excess calories & strengthens your heart
  3. Simple changes can increase your steps – 1,000 steps only takes 10mins to walk
  4. The average person burns almost 500 calories in 10,000 steps
  5. A few minor changes and walking can be easily integrated into daily life
Here are more ideas

Top 10 tips to include walking in your daily routine:

  1. Walk all or part of your journey to work
  2. Walk to the shops instead of driving
  3. Use stairs where possible as opposed to the lifts/escalators
  4. For short journeys don’t drive
  5. Walk the kids to school
  6. Have an evening stroll after dinner
  7. Use walking to see sites or understand your local area
  8. Have a walking meeting with colleagues as opposed to sitting in the office
  9. Join a walking group to meet others who are motivated to increase their steps
  10. Set yourself realistic daily or weekly goals. Use a pedometer or smart phone app such as Moves to track your progress
Click through to our healthy advice about walking.