20 years on and we thank our valued present and  past clients and employees. We are proud of the values and service we continue to develop and offer. Thank you for being part of our journey which is to continue to promote healthy, productive and engaged people.

Personal Touch Fitness (PTF), corporate fitness and wellbeing specialists, – Bringing Health and Fitness to Life with energy, integrity and vision. We pride ourselves on this strap line. It is our ethos and filters throughout the organisation and our values.

PTF enjoys working with every client across all sectors. The enjoyment and challenges are met with energy, passion and eagerness.  The pride felt on delivering services on time, every time, and by working in partnership with every client is essential to our success. Innovation and being able to adapt to client changes are key to ensure we are providing a first class service to both clients and members. Sitting back is not an option in the PTF world.

As MD, I have met wonderful people through this time. Clients, members, and employees with the latter being an integral part of the whole success of PTF.

Looking forward, mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing. PTF invites you to be mindful of ‘whole’ wellbeing and the environment for future generations to come. Continue to do your part to encourage a happier, healthier, kind and peaceful global society.

Thank you for all who are or have been part of PTF. In order to have success it takes team work.  Although I am MD, I thank my team behind me for their commitment and energy.

Be Well,

Chris Andrews

MD, Personal Touch Fitness